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Welcome to our Catalogue of active recruiting agencies specializing in IT, ICT, and Tech.

The recruiting services market is very dynamic - there are many freelancers, companies with 3-5 people, and companies working for 3-5 years. Recruiting personnel for IT companies means competing for personnel (recruiters) with outsourcing and product IT companies. Not everyone manages to find their successful business model and build a sustainable business that generates stable profits + one that can survive during a crisis.

It is difficult to figure out which agencies are currently working in the existing open marketing and which are not.

This way, markets can look for personnel and have the expertise of the dedicated team of CNA International IT. Our team’s objective is to organize the information gathered by agencies according to the clients’ needs.

Today, it is a voluntary non-profitable initiative that, we hope, will help to gather in one place the most significant number of IT-recruiting companies of Central and Western Europe. It should bring clients and service partners closer together.

We ask you to report any discrepancies with the information in our database. It could be the number of people in the company, the services provided, the composition of the founders, or the company’s existence.

We always welcome tips, and only with your help can we keep the platform up to date!

Please register, and update the data on the platform. Then, we will help even more customers learn about what you do and how you stand out in the market!


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